KMFAL and the Silver Arrow Club

The Kettle Moraine Field Archery League was founded in 1948 by Clai Spaulding. In 1956, Clai decided there should be a special award given to an archer who promoted archery well above the norm. The first Silver Arrow Award was given to Dutch Henning in 1956.

Ten Points of the Silver Arrow Club

  • What is the Silver Arrow Club?  It is an organization of people who are interested in the promotion of archery within the KMFAL.
  • Can anyone join?  No. Each year the clubs in the KMFAL may submit names of people who have done outstanding promotional work in the past year or two in the KMFAL.
  • Who selects the new members each year?  The current members of the Silver Arrow Club. 
  • What is the insignia of the Club?  Each new member is presented with a Silver Arrow Pin and their name is placed on a traveling plaque for the year.  The plaque replaced the copper kettle that is now in the archery museum at the West Allis Bowmen Archery Club.
  • What are the obligations of the Silver Arrow Members? To attend meetings twice a year and to act on an advisory committee when needed.
  • What are the sources of revenue? The KMFAL turns over 5% of the shooting fees collected each year.
  • What is done with the money? It is used to promote archery. No money is used for personal reasons.
  • When was the club formed?  In 1953.
  • Has the club given out the award every year? No. 
  • When and where are the meetings held? They are held twice a year, decided by the members.